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Fly Tying

Starting Over

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i picked up my desk at an auction for $35, its out of a hotel, 3 big drawers, and 6 smaller ones, huge space, used office furniture goes cheap

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As far as a desk, I use a Walmart special I bought years ago for around $30. probably $40 now. The trick is to make sure you get one that is low enough so you can look down on the vise and fly as you tie. That or get an adjustable chair which will bring you up to that level.

The second is a good light, an adjustable shop light on a swing arm with a 100 watt bulb works well.

I would think next would be a good pattern book which shows both pictures of the flies, gives recipes, and instructions on different tying techniques. Eric Leisers book of fly patterns is a good one for that but there are probably newer ones showing newer recipes out there. With a good book you can pick out the patterns you want to tie then you get the materials to match the patterns.

If you get materials first you will forever be short a material to tie one fly or another, by getting the book first you buy the materials you need to do the flies you want.


I made the mistake of buying material first and now I have stuff to start all kinds of flys but not enough to finish any. I did have two flys in mind when I went to the store but they did not have what the recipe called for and not knowing what to substitute I just started buying stuff I thought I would use.

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