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Blue Rover 3/0 

I’ve been a little busy of late and haven’t gotten much time at the vise. This is my first salmon fly with a hackle feather underwing, most patterns I’ve tied have a GP tippet underwing .  There a couple improvements to be made but I’m happy with it on a whole.  

Tag: Silver twist and magenta silk
Tail: Topping and Golden Pheasant rump (yellow)
Butt: Black Ostrich herl
Body: blue silk – flat silver tinsel*– blue silk in equal sections
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Light blue from silver
Throat: Gallina
Wing: Red hackles back to back; White-tip Turkey; Golden Pheasant, Bustard, red, yellow, blue Turkey; Woodduck sides and Peacock sword/herl; Mallard roof; a topping over all
Cheeks: Jungle Cock and Blue Chatterer**
Horns: Blue and Gold Macaw
Head: Black


* subbed embossed tinsel, oddly it’s easier to source embossed metal tinsel than flat metal tinsel

**subbed a blue salmon neck feather in place of chatterer. 



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Your work just keeps getting better and better Arthur. Well done indeed.
What is the source of the pattern?

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It was on classicflytying.net , this is from a series that Hardy made available to retailers to stock a few flies that covered a wider range of patterns.  

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Thx gents, 


Bruce, I’m going to find a thread that lays flatter too. 

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