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Fly Tying

Rules and Policies of FTF Swaps

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1. Flies will be tied according to the specific rules of the swap.

(Dry fly, Wet fly, Nymph, streamer, Etc.)

2. (Toe tag flies) each fly will need to have a small piece of paper attached to the bend of the hook with the swappers name on it. (This makes it easy for swapmister to divide up prier to being sent back)

3. Flies will be mailed in a crushproof box. Altoids cans are perfect (Please no expensive Trout fly cases)

4. Box will be sent to swapmister (with a stamped self-addressed envelope)

(Do not put postage money in envelope)

5. Flies will be mailed before deadline date.


To be counted reply to this post with (I'm in)


Any member of this web site that drops out of any swap should contact the swapmister in advance of the deadline

Any swapper that fails to contact swapmister in advance of deadline, of his or her intentions of dropping out will not be able to participate in future swaps.


Also repeated dropping out of swaps will not be viewed favorably by swappmisters and the decision to let you participate in a swap will be left to the individual swapmisters


Additional rules for Hosting swaps, A swpmister must have participation in Three (3) successful swaps on this web site.

No participants under Eighteen years of age unless pre-approved by specific request to management and only under supervision of an adult.


All Swap Meisters must send there contact info to a moderator beofre they host a swap.


Contact info being-


-Home phone

-Cell phone (if applys)

-home address


These rules are not meant as a impediment to swapmisters or swaps.

The rules are made to help protect swappers and swapmisters conduct successful swaps



Thank You


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Due to a recent incident with a swapmeister we are instating a new rule for swaps on this site.


Swapmeisters will now only be allowed to host one swap at a time. You can host as many as you want through out the year, but no more than one at a time.


This new rule is simply to protect the members/swappers from being involved with a SM that may not have the ability to uphold his commitment to the swappers.



Thank you



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