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I got some bugs

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So I got a strainer at meijer yesterday and I took it to the river today I did not get any fish landed but I did get about 15 craws and some great shots of some good lookin bugs The craws have a BRIGHT orange tip on there claws ( I need paint!!!!!) can any of you identify any of the other bugs?? I know hex and stone but what species??






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You have three photos of mayfly nymphs, no stonefly nymphs. You may have been fooled by the 2 tails, but several clinger mayfly nymph genera have only 2 tails. Can’t see the nymph in your 1st mayfly photo well enough to even guess at the identification. As you indicated, the 2nd mayfly nymph photo is a burrower nymph, probably Hexagenia. The 3rd mayfly photo is of a clinger nymph, probably Epeorus vitreus.


You are definitely of the right path with the strainer. Now get a metal lid (for a glass jar) painted with white enamel on the inside of the lid, and put a little water in it. Then put your nymphs in the lid, and take your photos with the nymphs covered in the water. When you attempt to photograph them out of the water, it's extremely difficult to see their features, as everything but the legs stick together. Once you get them in water, the tails will spread, and the gills will really stand out, and it'll make for much more revealing photos.

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