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Hook Chart

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Call the companies and ask them to send you a hook chart packet. Tell them what you are looking for. Most will send you reference charts that compare to Mustad hooks. Mustad will send you a catalog showing each hook in the actual size..... in fact I think they are the only company that does this. I only use Mustad hooks for the most part so this works out perfectly for me.


Never understood why a company would not put out their own catalogs with actual sizes shown. Instead they make a comparison chart for other hook brands. :dunno: Heck, they could even charge a few dollars for a bench side hook chart and folks would pay it with no problem.

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Here is one, and if you hold on I will get a couple more,




Here is another




And another




That should help you out, if you still nead more info do a search and try the simple mode, hook charts. I made it too page 28, and I know there is more hook charts. I have to leave but was trying to find all the hook charts that have been posted so that maybe Will could post this where it could be found easier

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