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Hello Everyone

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Its been just under a year since I last posted on this site. I use to have the handle tightlines, but my email addy has changed since so I guess Im stuck with a new member login and info.


For those of you who dont remember me, I live on the Grand River 1/2 Km west of wellington 29 (some of my favorite fishing spots 1 min down the road). I was curious if any memebers were competing in this years Canadian Fly Fishing Championships?? I bet the fish will be hook shy up in this neck of the woods after next weekend :P


It was nasty hot up here today, and still the rivers were crowded. This no overcast, clear low waters is making things a bit trickier than usual but its still a great day. I dont have a picture, but I landed a 22" female (in spawning colors) last weekend and hooked into something that took me to backing 2ice before breaking the line (damn 3lb leaders).


The drakes this year were massive and in large numbers, I havnt seem them out an about so Im thinking the few cold nights we had fished off the hatch. The good news is that the Iso's are starting up so next weekend the steak and taters will be bringing large fish to the surface. I expect some big points from the teams this year.



There is a pub on the River called The Goofie Newfie and if anyone wants to meet up for beers, look for me, Ill be there.



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What do ya know, I posted on this site couple weeks back about a bug I saw walking across my driveway, tightlines is back.





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