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How could you? Why would you?

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Began thinking about the motorhome and fishing when I put my property up for sale. I spent a good two months planning and quite a few things were required. I treated this trip as a project. Start from the bottom and work up. I would have to be flexible. I knew that from the beginning. Flexible proved to be more than just important.


I’m from Maine did I tell you that? Moved to Oregon by way of Texas. People from Maine are a hearty breed. Farm work at young ages does things….breeds stamina. That I knew I had and the style of motor home was already decided as well. Sold the property in 22 days. Cash sale. Set out with a cost of 5k in mind. Huh!! 11k and counting.

Money was covered and a dell laptop would provide guidance. Technology would be an important part of my trip and I knew it. Upgraded my phone, wireless phone line for laptop, internet service anywhere there is phone service. A little welding and some plastic tubs would suffice. Microwave, coffee maker and such….a necessity. Long road of 2.5 to 3 mos. Lots to think about and consider.


Did you know Viet Nam veterans are wanderers? We are…we have a bunch of things in common. Chalk them up in order. Most every time. A yen to explore and the zest to try are two more. This trip is getting better.


Did I tell you about going to college? I think so.. My focus during my college years was directed to mapping and map creation. I wanted to study design and knew I would get information derived from GPS. Something like 12 hrs of study. Good map reading abilities and Microsoft Streets & Trips fixed the logistics. I have detailed city maps of all roads in the US. Complete Topo surveys. Nautical charts for entire continent US. A few optics. Digital camera and my antique cameras… A Plan was forming.


When I went to Oregon State, I studied with a bunch of young fellows in the turf landscape program. Redwings reminded me of them a great deal. Hey Redwings….Smart as a whip and a zest for golf in these fellows. We were turfies and 30 strong. I was the old man.


One evening a group came to my house and asked did I want to go to a basketball game? Not I. Not baseball, not basketball, not football, yep not even hockey. Group activity sports these are. I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself thank you. Take the son and have a good time. I was a single parent at the time. He’s now 23 and in Burns, Or on standby to fight fires. Loves to fight fire….


I could do this trip by myself and find entertainment in lots of ways. I also knew that heavy weight loss on my part predicted time. Isn’t that what predictions do? They predict. It’s now or never. Got together with a number of forum members and set some dates. Started and completed a few tasks enroute. Hey longears….hey palli….hey easternfly….hey whippersnapper…. There’s more… Have met 7 flytyingforum members standing in bodies of water. Hey DavidM……Hey Hottuna....esp Hottuna......


I started after another windmill back in Springfield, Missouri. In the last week of Apri,l I started a little side project. Started looking at bass poppers. I’ve only missed 3 tackle shops at locations I have stopped. I hit them all. Poppers at every one. Flexible though. Always flexible, don’t always buy…sometimes just research….ever learning more.


First referred to this journey as a fishing trip. Somewhere along the way I began with the word quest. For sure, I think that is it…..a Quest. I’m feeling more like Don Quixote all the time. No Pancho riding with me but if he was… here is what he would see.


IPB Image


That’s how flexibility became so important. My brother told me I needed to be flexible. I have remained ever so….7 stops has turned into close to 25. And still there is Jimmy.


Jimmy lives in Wisconsin. He’s 8 years old. He is my last stop. Jimmy and I are gonna make bass poppers. Start to finish. We have finished to compare…blanks…big and small…a full dremel tool set to shape. Cork wine bottle caps, foam, balsa wood and lots of epoxy and now dad says he got the paint. Too cool We’re ready and should arrive on the evening or night of the 7th of July.


Jimmy is known to over 150 people all over the US. He’s my last stop. He’s been waiting all of this time. Will I be disappointed in Jimmy? Maybe. But you see its not about disappointment. I can entertain myself thank you. Jimmy and I have a date. Oh, Jimmy is Madkassel’s son. Hey Madkassel…..He too has been waiting. Waiting for dubbing loops and spinning hair. Hey Easternfly…..


I find that very entertaining. To make this quest and to visit as is the case with Jimmy and …..


Say did I tell you what my mother in law.

The one who didn’t speak English.


Something rather profound.

She said that I would talk to a post!!!!!

She was a smart lady but considered the class clown so flunked night English Classes in Hoboken, NJ.


Talk to you and this post later…



IPB Image


Thought you might appreciate my view of down town NYC. Very clear picture no??? Easy, I wasn't moving and they were only crawling.


Ferry just docked and time for…..Sharkie

Sometimes a little silly makes a lot of sense…

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Oh, Jimmy is most definitely waiting. Waiting as well as an 8 year old can. He's going to be up at my in-laws place until Saturday morning, so Fred and I will have some time together without an 8 year old bouncing around and peppering us with question, question, question. Always another question, always the subject changing, in the manner of inquisitive 8 year olds everywhere.


He loves it at his grandparents, but wants to come back home on Friday so he'll see Fred earlier. I told him he can wait.... giving it until Saturday will give Fred and I time to get through all the boring grown-up stuff so we're set for him. He thought that was good.


Huge fireworks show at the local park was set for Saturday night and got canceled and rescheduled for last night. Walking down there he wondered what would happen if it was canceled again. I said it'd maybe get pushed all the way to next Saturday and he thought that'd be OK, because Fred could watch them, then.


Cool picture of the reflection of your motorhome in the semi in front of you.


Now go catch a shark.

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