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Good Job John!


I was wondering a while back when you announced that you were going through the Trout pattern list, alphabetically, what you'd think when you got to this fly. I was going to be smart and make some comment like, "Wait til you get to the Cassard and the Denison."


Let me ask, if you don't mind, how long did this take you?


And my comments:


There are discrepancies in the Dr. Burke paintings of the Cassard & Denison and the recipes listed in Bergman's Trout. The sequence of feathers (colors) in the wings & tails doesn't match up with the listing in the printed recipes. I have always deferred to the painted rendition with respect for Dr. Burke's incredible eye for detail and accuracy, knowing that the flies in Trout were painted from actual samples.


The Cassard (or was it the Denison?? - I can't remember and I'm too lazy to get the book out) - in Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials Vol II that I did was tied using another technique. I placed a whole wing of barred wood duck and then layered the three colors of goose shoulder over the top. That is another option; it still looks good, and doesn't compromise the pattern ingredients.


The ones I did in Forgotten Flies were done exactly as in the color plates, and all with married components.


Like you, I had dreaded tying this fly and the Denison, and when I finally did it, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as difficult as I'd imagined. But there is still a lot of time involved - the prep & handling of four sections in the tail, two sides, and a repeat in the wing, so all in all, 16 single strips married to make this fly.


You did a good job on it!


And to all - please note - don't try this pattern with wing quill sections and wood duck flank. You'll give up fly tying forever!!!!!!!!!! :D Or at least for a few days... :hyst:


As John noted you must use goose shoulder on this fly. It is all about maintaining balance of uniformity & texture of fibers when marrying wings. Any pattern calling for wood duck or other flank feather in the wing, mallard, teal, etc.; must be paired with goose shoulder. Like the Lake Edward, Ferguson, etc.


John, the Denison will be much easier for you...



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