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Fly Tying

tying vids

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I've downloaded all of them and watched all of them. I have learn more and even caught some fish on some of their patterns!!!! Now I love to tie!!! The best thing I've done! :P

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Alright I am at a loss. I downloaded the software, but now I cant download the shows. It is installed, and my current downloads are blank??? Any insight?




Shawn, I cut and pasted the following from a post I made on this subject in another thread:


With the OMN software downloaded and running, click on Guide. Enter "Fly Tying" in the search box. This should get you to all the the available fly tying videos. Select the the one you want to down load and click on the "Get Item" button.

On my computer the software created a folder in My Documents called "Deliveries" all the downloaded files were put in it under a sub folder labeled "kdx".


From there I moved all of them into another folder on my computer. I downloaded all of them.


Hope this helps.

Bill M.


I need to edit the above information. The OMN software has been updated since I used it last and the subdirectery to which the files are downloaded is now named "omn-h" rather than "kdx". We run window XP Pro on our computer and my wife and I are set up as dual users. The latest OMN software put the "My Deliveries" folder in our shared documents. Probably the best way to find them on your computer would be to click on the "Settings" button on the lower left of the OMN window and then on "Delivery Settings" in the pane that pops up. That will show where your delivery folder is located.


You may want to deselect the go faster feature at the same time. This lets your computer become a shared computer on the network.

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