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outdoor scenery today

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I figured this was as good a place as any for these photos.

Forecast said 10 to 12 inches of snow in 24 hours ... starting last night.

We've gotten a good portion of that already. Picture of my car from the 6th floor of my hotel.


My car 2-9-18  (2).JPG



My car 2-9-18  (1).JPG

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recent thaw and ice jam on pine creek, its a 1/4 mile from my place and ended up 3 feet from house. chickens had ove 3 feet of water in coop









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day after the jam let loose road across the street. there was 3 feet of ice still under where we walked. 4 cabins down in there. elec. company had to get in to fix broken wires for people who live in canyon.











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pine creek in north central Pa

Very Cool. I spent about a week most years at the Wagon Wheel Cabins in Cross Fork (Kettle Creek) for about 10 yrs. Lately I've really been wanting to go back.


Spent an interesting evening on Pine Creek at Slate Run one year. It was HOT, water was low, and the trout where cranky about it. We were fishing at Hotel Manor & Bar hoping the influx of cooler water might attract fish. It's a modern building and while not unattractive I kept my back to it on purpose and waded out about ten yards. Well fish started rising half halfheartedly a little before dark and I got stubborn. My fishing buddy had given up about half an hour ago but I can get, well tenacious. It was full on dark before I gave up. So I turn around to the sight of fish rising everywhere. Thoughts of how I was going to get back to the bank without killing myself flew to the four corners. Big noses coming out of the water. I figured they had to be taking spinners so tied on a big coffin fly solely in hopes that I might possibly see that big white body in the pitch black. No luck, couldn't see a thing. I finally figured out I could see individual fish in the reflection of the deck lights of the hotel and would cast about 8" in front of a fish. Fish came up and I lifted the rod hoping that it was my fly that was taken. Caught 3-4 browns like that in 30 min. (2x tippet, hey it was dark!). All of them between 18" and 24". I decided to not push it and get back to the car before my buddy started sharpening a knife. I'm still not sure if leaving was worth not getting a but kicking! I'll never forget that, one of the more surreal cold water fishing events I've experienced.

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Pretty stream GP. Reminds me a lot of the upper sections of the Au Sable here in Mi.

thanks Steve I look forward to shooting more this spring, it really is a beautiful place.

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