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An awesome birthday!!!

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It was mostly a quiet weekend and day today, but there were definite high points!


My wonderful wife gave a bamboo rod!:headbang: A Diamondback 7 ft 4wt to be specific.


She told me she felt bad that she couldn't afford the reel and line to go with it but I reassured her I had no qualms paying for that myself. She certainly did more than enough for me! :wub:


After a nice lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, I took off for a couple hours to a local stream with rod in hand. I used my reuglar 4wt line and reel.


I headed to the stream where I caught my first trout on a fly but went to a different pool.


Fish were rising pretty regularly but I could not figure out what to use. I had plenty of refusals and missed hook sets before I landed this little guy!IPB Image


A size 18 Klinkhammer on 7x did the trick.


My first brookie on a brand new rod and a bamboo one at that!


Life is really good right now!!!

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Congratulations, but that looks like it might be a tiger trout? Black dots and no red belly, hybrid between a brown and a brooky.

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