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Stripping Basket

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That foam basket would get me drowned in New England surf.


Orvis sells a glue in set of knobs for your basic Rubbermaid dishwash basin (which is wider and shallower, thus easier to empty quickly if you get swamped). If you can't afford that just buy the Rubbermaid basin and drill out many holes in the bottom. Tie multiple 40 or 60 lb test line segments with an overhand knot and glue them into the holes with silicone caulk. Whether you buy the add-in knobs or make your own fingers, heat a knife blade and cut two strips in one long side to accommodate your surf belt. Under $20, mostly for the Orvis add-in; under $10 if you are willing to make your own.


Open sided stripping baskets are not very effective in salty waves, especially under real surf or wind conditions. They may be okay in a river. Narrow closed sided baskets would have the same effect in heavy surf.

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