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Fly Tying

please need a pattern for krystal bullet

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hi ,

i was wondering if anybody could please post on step by step tutorials , on how to tye the

krystal bullet ?



the only materials on the flie is , krystal flash pulled back bullet style over chenille body .


it would be greatly appreciated .


thanks ,


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I personally haven't seen a specific recipe for this fly, but can offer my thoughts based on tying other bullet head patterns. Being comprised of only Krystal Flash in a bullet head, it sounds like you are going to tie in the flash just behind the eye with the extra (at least as long as you want the finished fly) hanging out over the hook eye. Wrap thread right up behing the eye and then back to where you want the head to end on the back side. Fold the flash back over the hook, making sure an even amount goes above and below the shank. Then make a few wraps around the flash where your thread is and whip finish at that point. A snip of the thread, a trim of the tail, if you so choose, and you are done.

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Never heard of that one but it looks like a winner for salmon. I'll have to ty a few up. Thanks for the link


Ken B)

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