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Coachman swap

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Here we go, this is a Coachman swap, open to the first 12 with an Im in, lets all be sure to tie a different pattern, so we can all have a full collection of Coachman flies. Due date is Nov 10, remember if you do not send a SASE your flies will be devided amongst the other swappers, and also as of my last hosted swap, I got a cool idea, that Im doing for now on, the first package to get to me, gets 3 extra flies, I know its not much, but I thought it was a neat idea. Lets fill this one up guys!!!


ship to: Dustin Westfall

HC 81 Box 258C

Lewisburg WV 24901






1) fly time--Royal Coachman Bucktail Streamer---Done

2) Don Stracener--Royal Coachman DRY---Recieved

3) Fly pimp--TBD---No Show

4) fish` n feind--copper Coachman---Recievd

5) DNA--TBD---Recieved

6) Big Todd--Bucktail Coachman---Recieved

7) Bead Head--Royal Wulff---Recieved

8) Pat Carroll--Leadwing Coachman---Recieved

9) Trout Traveler--Royal Humpy---Recieved

10) Troutguy--Tennessee Coachman

11) Pickin6ofem--TBD---Recieved


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I'm in with a Bucktail Coachman. :headbang:


I found the pattern in Dave Hughes' American Fly Tying Manual.


It's is listed as a sea-run cutthroat fly. After a little more looking around I found that it also works well on land locked salmon, steelies, rainbows, and a number of different panfish. Seems to be a good all around fly. I think it will make a nice addition to the group. ;)


Thanks for hosting flytime.


I'm going to PM Spanky and see if he'll get in to.

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I can only send a SAEWSPMI since US stamps are hard to come by in Europe (surprisingly)...


SAEWSPMI = (self adressed envelope with some paper money inside)


Hope that will be accepted by FlyTime... :unsure:

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Bead head, its a Coachman swap, not sure how a Wulff fits in, but OK! :dunno:


And, DNA, I dont know if I can spend your money here, but send it and Ill try!!

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I'll try to come by some US $, should be ok...


I will tie this: Don't really know the 'species' name but it's a coachman allright...



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