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Bugs & brookies -- pictures

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How do you like the 20D + 65mm Macro combo? The results seem to speak for themselves but I'm curious about the Pros & Cons of the 65mm?


I really like it. The 65mm is a really great, really sharp lens. It's definitely very specialized, too. There aren't really any "cons" about it for me, but others may find these things to be a problem:

  • Unlike most other macro lenses, this one can only do close-ups within a foot or so of the lens.
  • At the high zoom powers a good tripod and a macro flash are definitely necessary.
  • There's no autofocus. But with my setup it's easier to move the bug stand back and forth than rotate something on the lens, anyway.
The biggest "pro" is that it's the only lens made that goes anywhere near 5X magnification without a bellows and other expensive, cumbersome accessories.


Since no one else has guessed, I'll say the spot in the second picture skunked you.


It was the third spot. :)

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