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Billy Munn has put out a DVD!!!!

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"Tying Hairbugs with Billy Munn"


I've been attending and tying at FFF conclaves for over 20 years. At every conclave that Billy Munn has also attended, I have always spent time either sitting next to or across from the "best deerhair tyer" in the country. If you don't believe me, just look at interviews by Chris Helm, Tim England or other top hair guys and you'll see that that they all acknowledge their debt to Billy. You see, he's been tying and teaching hairwork for over 50 years!


Last week at the Southen Council Conclave in Mt. Home, AR, Billy was there, and he had a DVD for sale. I immediately purchased a copy. It is a very well done, professional qualtiy production of Billy tying four hairbugs. As he goes through these bugs, he explains everything that he is doing. The photography and sound quality are top notch. It was the best $25.00 that I've ever spent in tying.


Everyone who has every watched Billy Munn work with hair will be thrilled with this DVD. And those of you who have never had the opportuntiy to watch Mr. Munn, but who wanted to learn to tie hair or "move up" to the next level with your tying are in for a real treat. You will not be disappointed.


Other than contacting Billy at his home (262 Cuba Rd, Bridgeport, TX 76426), I don't know where else they are available. I don't know what he charges for shipping.


Kyle Moppert





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Hi Kyle, Will,


I will echo what Kyle says, Billy is one of the best hair tiers I've met. His number in my data base is 940-683-4512. Take care & ...


Tight Lines - Al Beatty


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It was a pleasure meeting you in Mountain Home, and I enjoyed seeing your spoon flies. I thought your's was a good concept, use inexpensive materials to create a spoon that will definitely catch fish on the flats of the Gulf of Mexico, no matter what side you're on.


I was going to Aransas Pass for the next two weeks but had to cancel because of the health of a family member. Later, I saw the surf and PINS (Padre Island National Seashore), reports, Red Tide, thousands of dead fish of every kind, including sharks, high tides, eroded beaches to the sand dunes, high wind, heavy rain and there's not even a hurricane anywhere around! So I'm staying home, but I will take a few days off and kayak and fish around Waco.


I was fortunate in meeting and talking with Billy Munn and Mike George, and I, too, grabbed one of Billy's CDs. Both of these men are real gentlemen along with being artists in the flytying field. Billy had one of his Messenger Frogs in the Saturday night auction that I was lucky enough to get, and I also got one of Mike's deer hair flies, the bass, which was in a larger framed display of several flytying legends' work. I'm planning on buying more of their flies, while at the same time, trying to perfect some ability in tying them myself. I'll have to wait and see how it all turns out.


The show was really enjoyable for me. Another tyer, Earl Stanek, is extremely talented at tying; he does very realistic bugs and insects of all kinds. I was really impressed with him and his work. He had a dome that had many flies displayed in a more natueral setting that was spectacular.


Take care. Soon, I'm going to get the materials and give metal mesh spoon fly tying a try!



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