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Fly Tying
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A easy fly to tye

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This is a simple fly, that has been

wery Effektive. An old British pattern

the Mickey Finn.

Put some Silver Tinsel along the body

of the hook.Then tye in the wing.

Use yellow then Orange/red and last yellow

Yuo can use any kind of hair-Tail or Marabou.

On this fly i used Calf tail.






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I always thought the Mickey Finn was a Canadian pattern. None the less is a great fly. That and the Muddler Minnow are most used flies arround here

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:dunno: Sorry

I always thought it was British

I was wrong.

The fly came aut in 1920 in a serie of 6 Bucktail

fly, sold by William and son. It was named Red & yellow

But it was John alden Knight USA who was its promoter

In 1936. He faund it wery effektive and entroduced

theFly to Gregory Clark Who was writing for Toronto

Star. He named it Assassin.Later that year he wrote

an artikle for Hunting and Fishing Magasine and thange the name

to Mickey Finn. In 1937 Bucktail and tinsel was sold aut in New York

Sorry for my mistake


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Here is an article pacares did on the Mickey Finn. It has some info and another step by step. Just like you said tcr its an easy to tie fly and a deadly pattern. Nice fish!!


I find with bucktail the key is to tie on a clump of yellow then a bigger clump of red trying to keep them separated and then another clump of yellow. The same size as bowth the red and yellow. I dont think the original pattern had them but a J.C. nail, with just the white, black, yellow like a baitfish eye sure adds to the pattern



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