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Fly Tying
Hopper John

Like those split tails.

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Rooster Tail makes a pink,white and green spinner called the Rainbow. When I use to throw steel I used this spinner a lot because it is one of their good ones. I incorporated those colors into this fly. I didn't have the dark magenta hackle that would have matched the skirt on the spinner so I use white hen hackle. I gotta tell ya I like those split tails. Boy, do the ever dress up a fly.


I tied up some royal coachmans on 6 and 8 3399s for a friend of mine that took them steelhead fishing. He lost all of them on hookups. I think he is hooked on classic wet flies because he even offered to pay for more. And he's so tight that Old Abe squeals when he lets go of a the penny. Anyway, just thought I'd show you guys the fly.




Hopper John


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