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Fly Tying

What pattern/technique do you have a hard time with?

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The advanced technology required to use a whip finisher eludes me. Does anyone know of a site/page or location of a step-by-step or video that could show me how to use one :huh: ?


Oh, I just saw Smalliehunters post re: Al Beattys' Tutorials, Yahoo!



I did a search on google for "fly tying" and there was a tutorial on using a whip finisher. It might help




If you check out "YOUTUBE" there is a fine VIDEO CLIP detailing how you should use both Std types of whip finish.In the search field type "Flyfishing". :yahoo:



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Am I the only one that has a hard time spinning good hackle? :dunno: Wooly buggers are ok, but dry flies drive me nuts, not to mention parachute hackle. :angry:


Not sure if I am on the right track here :dunno: but when I first began tying flies the hackle were a big problem for me also.

I believe that the quality of the feathers that we us is very important.

In the beginning I would use the more economical rooster necks( or CAPES, as we would know them in this part of the world) and they would never turn out the way I would like.


Eventually I bought the better grade necks with greater fibre density and have had no problems since.2-3 turns of the feather and you have a full and vibrant hackle.


hope this is of some help.


tight lines





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Lordy, I feel totally inadequate. My problems are much more basic than those with the above "advanced" problems. I just cannot ever seem to get a beard or throat hackle to ever be full enough and at the same time well spaced around the bottom or the hook. Jim

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