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Tying a paraloop?

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Have just been surfing the net (finished all my school work for the day!!!), and came across some paraloop flies. They look great, though i've never seen this style employed before. How do you tie in the paraloop style....To me it just looks like using a dubbing twister.


Perhaps someone can put me in the know!!!! :blink:


Best regards



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I tie a lot of paraloop flies. One of the best articles that I've ran across (published after I had to figure it out by myself, of course) was in the Spring 2003 edition of FlyTyer magazine. It has a good diagram for building a gallows that will help.

Personally, I don't use the gallows. I use an old pedestal vise and just mount a bodkin in it. Place the bodkin straight up from the fly and wrap your post material over it. When it's time to pull the hackle back, just slide the pedestal vise back and lower the bodkin a bit. Fast and easy.

I use floss the post but it doesn't really matter, as long as you don't twist the post material when wrapping the hackle.

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It was hard for me to tell if the methods shown in some of the links were para-"loop" or para-"chute".


No matter. There is an entire book on the benefits of fishing paraloop flies and techniques for tying them:


Tying Flies the Paraloop Way

by Ian Moutter 1st American Edition


The Countryman Press

PO Box 748

Woodstock VT 05091

ISBN 0-88150-554-4


At Powell's Books in Portland, OR or online, only 3 copies left!





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