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Bulk Dumbell eyes?

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This old thread is still worth a look if you use lead eyes.  Me, I use Wapsi's presentation lead eyes and buy them by the 1000 per size (yeah that's a lot of eyes...).  For most tyers you'll never need that quantity but if you do I'd make a point of approaching your local fly shop and finding out if they buy from Wapsi (so many shops do....).  You have to read the fine print in Wapsi's catalogue - but any shop that deals with them can order eyes (and other interesting items)  in bulk - and they might just add your needs to their next order if asked.. Of course you'll have to negotiate a bit on price... and quantity...


Here's a pic or two of eyes by the hundred set up in a fixture to have eyes painted on them - then baked for 15 minutes at 300 degrees (not something I'd ever try if my wife were home...) and that's with windows open and fans running... Each color needs to be baked separately before the following color.


eyes on first threaded rod, the next step is wiring the second rod to the first to fix the eyes so they can't move and you can then handle them by the "stick"


First paint on a "stick" of eyes (two threaded rods wired together tightly..)  note that the lid of my paint can is my palette... 

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