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Fly Tying

It's a Boy!!!

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Trout, bass, crappie, carp, shiner, they are all fish. He didn't specify what kind he wanted to go for first, but i'll take him for all that we can catch on a fly. we are non-discriminatory fishermen (fisher people since my wife and daughter fish too).


as far as the 3am feedings....well, my wife is breast (can I say that here?) feading and I'm up at 3am to get ready for work anyway....this morning it went well. I got up, she was feeding. I showered, and came back to the room to find the both of them sleeping. not too bad. never go with bottle feeding if you are the dad, then you have to make the bottles. just let mom do it the way nature inteded and she'll never tell you "hey, can you grab me a boob for this kid?" sleep daddy, sleep.


overall we are doing well. i only wish i wasn't a contract worker and that i had some paid time off. i'm at work today for 12 hours and tomorrow for 14. i could leave early once someone else comes in, but then i loose out on the OT pay. it's a tough call.

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