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Fly Tying
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3-6-18 Trout Fly Swap

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3-6-18 Trout Fly Swap

3 different flys - 6 swappers - #18 size or smaller


Tie up 3 totally different styles of flies: 5 each, of the 3 patterns, for a total of 15 flies.

(For example you might do a #22 caddis, an #18 terrestrial, and a #20 bead head nymph)


Toe tag each group of 3. (1 of each style)


Total of 6 swappers. Sign up closed 1-31-07 or when full, whichever comes first.


1 Oldfarmer (the Meister)

2 ?

3 ?

4 ?

5 ?

6 ?


Tie them #18 or smaller


Flies due to me by 3-6-07. Of course if everyone is in early, I can ship early.



Here is an example of what I have in mind. These are mine for the swap.


IPB Image



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All rightie, we are full. You should all have a PM with my address to send your flys too. The quicker you get them in the quicker I can get them sorted and back out. Really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Before I send them out I'll try and get a good photo of everyones work all together and add it to this thread. Happy fishing.

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