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Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival

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I thought that some of y'all might be interested in this.


I copied this from a posting on our clubs' "unoffical" forum, http://www.laflyfish.com/cgi-bin/teemz/teemz.cgi




The "Fifth Ever"

Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival

February 16-18, 2007


We’re looking forward to having another great time at the up-coming Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival. We start to gather on Friday night with food and fly tying and Saturday we continue the tying and have a few presentations in addition.


The weather continues to be a huge question each year as three out of the four previous years we've had some sort of winter weather! Of course, as many of you know, around here we could just as easily have sun and highs in the 60's in mid February. It just hasn't happened for us... YET! So, the odds are with us this year… Aren't they???


The list of fly tiers grows each week as I hear back from the "Usual Suspects" who plan to attend and demonstrate their favorite flies and tying techniques. The tiers make these events what they are and we couldn't do without them. I really appreciate all the Suspects making the effort to return each year!


As for tiers, so far, I've heard back from:

Ashley Berry (Ar), Paul Lawler (LA), Marc Oakes (AR), Mark Wiley (AR), Catch Cormier (LA), Gordon Shaw (LA), David Chin (LA), Johnny McJunkins (AR), Dick Waldrep (TX), Ken Bohannon (TX), Fred DuPre (TX), Chuck Hitt (AR) and Big Dale Wilkinson (TX). Oh, and maybe I’ll get to tie a little, too!


Don Jackson of Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters in Hot Springs has let me know he will return with his usual boxes of goodies from the shop. Don always has some good fly fishing and extra curricular gear of interest! And you can put your hands right on it!


We are also going to have presentations from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Trout Program guys. Looks like Jeff Williams, AGFC Trout Biologist, will probably be coming to talk about the Little Mo Management Plan and where we stand.


Mike Hawkins (TX) returns with his leader furling exhibition! His device for furling various lines into leaders is quite fascinating!


Glen Catch Cormier (LA) said he will be here to present "Fly Fishing in Personal Watercraft". Catch is always a lot of fun and many of you know him from around the region!


Larry Offner (LA) will be here doing his program about “Fly Fishing For Bluegill”. Larry first came up here to fish with me two winters back and has been a regular around here since! I'm looking forward to seeing what he will have for us!


The always entertaining David Chin (LA) will be here with some bamboo fly rod work. Another fascinating facet of fly fishing!


“Gumbo Bill” Hathorn has kindly volunteered, once again, to send us the big pot of his gumbo via the Gumbo Express! One day Bill will actually get to be here for the event. I know a lot of you have met Bill out on the river. He's typically having his coffee at "Bill's Rock" across from the Triangle in the C & R Area! Grizzly ole' cuss, but makes a great gumbo and we thank him profusely for being so kind every year!


I may have to add some Jambalaya and maybe we can talk my “Best Option”, Sandy, to make her great chili too!


We have a great time each year! There's lots of fishing done, certainly, as February is one of the best months of the year as far as catching just a helluva lot of fish! You want to talk about "obscene" fishing - February will do it for you. Don't be surprised if folks come in talking about having caught 100 fish! They're probably not exaggerating! Well, most of them, leastways!


But you will get to talk to a lot of folks about just about anything that has to do with fly fishing. The level of expertise present will surprise you with people there who have fished all sorts of situations and around the world! And if you are starting to get interested in fly tying, this weekend should put you over the edge!


The questions many of you have can be answered and you will also get plenty of new ideas and see new toys. You will probably get to throw some rods, maybe tie your first fly, certainly eat some good food, laugh yourself silly, find out about some new fishing destinations or even meet some folks from your neighborhood that you didn't even know fly fished.


On Sunday morning I usually conduct the "Can You Take It" casting clinic. It's a group clinic for those wishing to take a hard look at their casting strokes - and have everyone else take a look at them too! OUCH!!!


But it works nicely as everyone gets a chance to see, for themselves, people doing the same things - good or bad - that they're doing. It's kind of like watching an instructional video, only we see what was left on the cutting room floor!


Last year the "Can You Take It" clinic took on a whole new meaning! Even with the 6° wind chill we had, a few maniacs did come out and tried to hurt themselves! Let's hope we don't repeat that business!



For those wishing to camp out...

Dynamite Hill and Parker Creek Corps campgrounds near Narrows Dam - electricity and hot showers!

And The Crater of Diamonds State Park on the south side of M'boro - also electricity and hot showers!


American Heritage Inn - 870-285-2131 - 705 North Washington

Diamond John's Riverside Retreat - 870-285-4027 - 81 Roy Rd

Little Shamrock Motel - 870-285-2342 - 919 North Washington

Miner's Rock Shop and Camp - 870-285-2722 - 2235 HWY 301 South

Queen of Diamonds Inn - 870-285-3105 - 318 North Washington

Swaha Lodge - 870-285-2272 - 205 Dynamite Hill Rd


The Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival will be at the Murfreesboro Municipal Building - that's one block east of the Pike County Court House Square on Main Street. Circle around the Court House and turn right after Hawkins Variety Store.


We collect a very minimal registration fee of $5 per person or just $10 for the whole family and the “Can You Take It“ casting is $5 per person as well. I want to keep that cost low but there are things I have to cover after all!


See you there!!!


I hope in short sleeves!!!



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