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Fly Tying
Hammer Jammer

1st Rusty Rat

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I think you're on the right track. Most of your proportions are close which tells me you did a little homework first. Homework is good ;) Tie another one, and another, and another.



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Not too bad, but you have a ways to go. Time at the vice will solve alot and will also create new questions.


1. Try to stop trimming the ends on the tail, wings and everything else. Honestly, the fish don't care but your flies will look a whole lot better if you take the time to even the tips. A hairstacker can be helpful for evening the tips of stiff fur and hair. The herl you can even by hand.


I'll post some more later.....gotta run.



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Hammer Jammer,


You asked for a critique so here goes.


1) your Rusty Rat is severely lacking the "Rusty" colour, the fly should have a orange to burnt orange coloured body and the same coloured body veiling


2) the body should be split a bit closer to 50/50 floss and peacock herl


3) the tail should be peacock sword and not trimmed peacock herl


4) the wing should be Grey Fox fur instead of what looks to be Fox Squirrel Tail


5) the hackle should be Grizzly hen hackle


6) the head should be much smaller in size and be red in colour


I would say that if you had the right materials to work with then the fly would have looked quite a bit better, but as it is it was still a pretty good attempt.

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Thanx for the feedback Guys

I appreciate it ..

Having the right matierials would be Very helpfull gotta go shop for em some time this week

hopefully between now and then I will have improved on the tying and the ballance :baby: :) :)

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Ok I know I've gotta LOT to learn

Please critque this ..




Practise my friend is the only way.... but you also have to study the pattern closely so that you get a chance to get it right.


Here is a pic. to help you get the propotions right. When your Rusty Rat looks like that You are fine and ready to move on.






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