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Fly Tying

Killer Big Bluegill Fly Swap

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This is a swap for your favorite Bluegill Fly. Not some fly that you have caught some dinks on, but your go-to fly when you are after LARGE Bluegills. Wet flies or dry flies are all welcome. Bead heads, rubber legs, terrestrials, and foam flies are all generally effective. I will be tying the Swamp Monster. I've had good success with that one. The due date is April 31. Please be sure to read, understand, & follow all the swap rules pinned at the top of the swap and contest page. As always, you can join by replying "I'm in." and if you happen to know what pattern you will be tying, include that as well.

I am willing to go as high as 18 swappers for this one, so sign up & start tying!






Each member will need to contribute 19 flies. Let me know when you are ready to mail them out & I will PM you my addy.


We have 7 weeks in which to get them tied, so everyone get busy.


1. Breambuster -- Swamp Monster---------------------------Completed

2. Griff -- Tusslebug-------------------Received-----Completed

3. d5 -- d5 Nymph-------------------Received-----Completed

4. Smokinprice -- Red Wasp----------------------------------Withdrew

5. flygirl -- #14 Mosquito----------------Received-----Completed

6. luvinbluegills -- White Zonker Minnow------Received-----Completed

7. Chrisfish -- Bumblebee--------------------Received-----Completed

8 TerryLee -- TBD---------------------------Received-----Completed

9. Arfly -- CST---------------------------------Received-----Completed

10 fly time -- TBD-----------------------------Withdrew-----Completed

11. Batman -- Silver Chubs----------------------Received-----Completed

12. flyfishingtaz ---------------------------------Withdrew--------??????????

13. Madkasel -- Dark Morrisfoam Predator----Received-----Completed

14. Inconnu -- Tellico Nymph-------------------Received-----Completed

15. Mr McGinty -- TBD-------------------------Received-----Completed

16. Jereme -- Black Widow---------------------Received----?????????

17. Chase Creek -- DHBH-----------------------Received-----Completed

18. billy -- Rubber Legged Dragon--------------Received-----Completed

19. ncbluegill -- Stealth Bomber-----------------Received-----Completed

20. Pat Carroll -- Gurgle-pop Popper-----------Received-----Completed

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Couldn't resist this one! I'm in with a *drums*


White Zonker minnow! Beyond question my number one big 'Gill producer.

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I can't pass this up. One of my favorite gill patterns to date was tied by you breambuster. I havn't had a chance to try it yet, but it just looks SoooO good.


IPB Image


I'm In, pattern TBA

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WOW! This one is filling up fast. Welcome & thanks to all who have joined. So far, we have Griff, d5, Smokinprice, flygirl, luvinbluegills, Chrisfish, TerryLee, Arfly, flytime, and Batman. I am so fortunate to have each & every one of you in this swap! I am POSITIVE that with the talent we have on board, already, we are going to get some AWESOME flies out of this one.


Thanks to all.



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Ohhhhhhhhhhh.... I should NOT be doing this.


But I will.


I'm in!


I shall tie the legendary* Morrisfoam Predator.



* Well... in my mind, anyway.

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