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Yes I have. So much that I actually had to retie the head on this one because I removed it from so many fish. Even with an epoxy head, it didn't hold up to the pliers as much as I had to use them. This one is a size 10 or so, but I've still caught some nice LM's on it. And not just lucky catches, they really came after it. Healthy LM's + 5 WT= Fun.

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Stupid question #1) When you tie on the deer hair initially does it hang out over the hook eye?


Stupid question #2) Do you have any tips for making sure the head gets shaped properly? It looks like the hair is just folded backwards then cinched down at the appropriate point for the neck, but how do you get it to go around the hook shank uniformly?




I may be brain-farting on this one, but I'm having trouble visualizing it for some reason. :dunno:











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Neither question is stupid.


1- Yes, the hair is tied in tips out over the eye.


2- I kind of spin the clump of hair, like a hair big, to get it uniform around the hook. I then trim the flared ends and wrap back to the end of the marabou tail(see below). Then I use an empty pen barrel to push the hair back. I then brush it back with my fingers to get a tight bullet head. Then I wrap it down.



There is no 'real' body on this fly. I just tie the marabou down up to the point where I will tie down the head. If you use enough hair, you won't even see this. Just be sure to measure the hair so that the tips extend just over the tail.

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