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Fly Tying
Harold Ray

Read this!!! Replace Puglisi Fibers with this lower cost

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I posted this message on TexasKayakFisherman.com and thought some of you might be interested, too. A friend of mine, Barry Evans, told me he is using artificial hair from wigs or hair attachments in place of Puglisi fibers, etc. so I bought some.


The fibers feel much like Puglisi fibers; Barry says the do just as well as the store-bought flytying fibers, and they cost a lot less! A fly Barry tied from the hair attacjment fibers is below as are the links to the site where I bought mine.


Barry told me about using artificial hair as a cheaper substitute for some of the flytying fibers. I ordered and the shipment came in. They appear much the same. Below are some pictures of the hair with a packet of Puglisi Fibers and Flashabou. As you see the packages of artificial hair dwarf the flytying fibers.


I did not realize these individual packs were going to be as BIG as they are!


This is the fly Barry tied with similar material:

IPB Image


The packages of hair measure approximately 24 inches long by 7 inches wide. Those pictures were taken on my dining room table. There is approximately $50.00 of artificial hair on the table, not counting the Puglisi and Flashabou.


This si the online store extremebeautysupply.com, and below are the addresses if you are interested:






IPB Image

The Puglisi Fibers and Flashabou hidden in plain view on the mass of artificial hair. If you don't see them, they are right beside the tape.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image



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