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big bass

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I also wondered if the fish swam away. Eating bass is a personal choice. I think they taste like POO (Or what Id imagine that poo tastes like) and any fish in the upper 50% of its size range (i.e. bigger than average) is normally going to be less palateable. If it was taken for a mount COOL!!! Id like to see a pick of the final mount. If it was taken to be eaten well I hope you liked it. If you released it I need gps coordinates!!!! My brothers eat bass like it was chocolate. Me Ill eat a little here and there but Id rather eat pretty much any thing else.

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Did you release this fish

I saw a comment like that coming. Why does it matter as long as he was within the law? Jeez, let's not start yet another Keeping fish vs. C&R agruement.


I think you're making an assumption that might not be there. I myself wondered whether the fish was released, but it was simple curiousity. I have no slight for the angler whether he did or not. Maybe the question was asked in the interest of knowing if a mount was being made, if was going to be eaten, or if it was set free to be caught again by the same or another angler.


Just because someone asks a question, that doesn't mean there's only one motive for doing so. Don't feed arguements that aren't there.

Don't feed arguements that aren't there, Dble? I believe your comments to me were doing just that, eh? I was trying to prevent an arguement. ;) But I digress, let's not jack this topic.


Yet again, good bass! :D





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When you say "let's not start yet another keeping fish vs. C&R arguement", that's making an assumption based on one question by another member, and that's where I (and apparently other members) are coming from.


I don't want to hijack the topic of this good fish either, so let's just leave well enough alone.

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