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Fly Tying
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I guess it's time I should give my introduction. I'm currently working on my 44th year of life, which unfortunately only includes about 8 years of fishing, and only three of those spent with a fly rod. Got my start when my oldest son went fishing with my brother (who hates to fish, but his wife made him do it). My boy had a blast, and seeing as a good dad should take care of these things, I bought some cheap gear for us and took over. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received from my son. His interest never really grew, but his younger brother took it up with a vengance. Since then I have grown to be crave being out there. Having been a runner for several years then sidelined with physical problems, fishing put me back outside where I had loved being. Running is a good background to have, as it had already taught me that it doesn't need to be 75 degrees and beautiful be enjoy outdoor activities. It can be good even in the rain or when it is only 25 degrees!

Three years ago, at the urging of my wife, I gave fly tying a try. She saw it as an artistic outlet for me that would connect to my fishing. Since then, I have accumulated a fair assortment of gear. I still spin fish, but usually I go for the long rod first. I tie my own flies, and have built one fly rod so far (by far my favorite). I am not really a gear head, going mostly for fairly economical equipment and materials. While I know there is better out there, and I would never fault anyone for going the high-end route (more power to ya, man!), I am looking at two boys in college soon. Fishing gear just can't be a priority right now.

Other activities are camping, canoeing and kayaking. It's nice how those all mesh so well with fishing...

To pay the bills, I work as an account management supervisor for a printing company.

I fish as often as I can, sometimes before work and even before church on Sundays. There is no month that doesn't have good fishing somewhere, and I always hit the river on New Years Day, up at the warm water discharge.


Good to be here.


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