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I would like to thank Breambuster, and the guys and gal that was in the killer big bluegill swap!!! I did not get the chance to make this swap, because of some family issues, but a couple days ago, I recieve a package in the mail, and open it up and the first thing I see is a very kind note from Breambuster, and a tin of flies from this swap, great flies!!!! All of you did a fantastic job on the flies, and I really appreciate recieving a set of them. Im sorry Im just getting this message out, but I have been gettin crushed at work!!



Thanks again Breambuster and the rest of you that were in this swap, this was really unexpected, and appreciated, as well it just goes to show how big of a heart alot of you all have around here. I consider many of you folks here good friends, and I have never even got the chance to meet you, but hope to get the chance to one day!!! Thanks again!!!!




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Hey fly time. It was our very good pleasure to make this set of flies available to you. I hope that are very productive fish catchers for you. We just wanted you to know that we are pulling for you in this chapter of your life.


You are most welcome.



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