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Erie Emerald Shiner Pattern

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I've posted a couple shiner patterns that you may want to try. They are untested on steelhead, but I can tell you that they've worked wonders on bass.


Here are a couple tube fly patterns that are easy to tye and have been very good producers for me.


IPB Image

IPB Image






Here are a few Thunder Creek flies that have also been excellent fishing flies.







Good luck!

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that is a great emerald shiner pattern also i would go to the craft store and buy some of their invisible thread and use that for the head and then epoxy the head but if you want other patterns here are some mentioned in john nagys book


mohawk shiner

hook 4-10

thread white

eyes 2.5mm black plastic eyes

tail 12-20 strands of pearl crystal flash

wing 4-7 tufts of grey marabou tied on top of the shank

sides pearl crystal flash


franks lake erie shiner

hook 6xl 8-10

thread olive

body pearl tinsel over white uni stretch

belly white bucktail or kid goat hair

throat light blue hackle barbs half as long as the belly

wing olive bucktail topped with olive brown bucktail

flash pearl or olive crystal flash

head olive thread with painted eyes


lake erie emerald shiner

hook 3xl or 4xl size 8

thread white

body braided silver tinsel over entire body

overwing white marabou topped with silver flashbou

centerwing 4 strands peacock herl

underwing white polar aire or calftail or kid goat hair

eyes prismatic stick on eyes


prairies emerald shiner

hook size 4-10

thread red

body medium pearl braid mylar wrapped

wing light olive arctic fox

throat white arct fox

head wing and throat tied over hook eye pulled over and under to form head

eyes chartreuse and black 3d 2mm


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Here's a super simple and effective pattern.


Hook: #6-#12 4xl or 6xl streamer hook


Body: Silver Mylar or Embossed Metal Tinsel


Throat: Red Hackle Fibers (Sparsely dressed)


Wing: Small bunch of white bucktail over which is a small bunch of olive bucktail extending slightly beyond the hook bend. These should both be sparsely dressed as well.



Simple and effective, not too much flash, not too much hair.......just a slayer........trust me on this. -Jamie

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How exactly does the epoxy work? Does it need certain drying time , etc.... can i get it at my fly shop.. or like hardware store? Never used it before...

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Hi Justin epoxy can be bought at most hardware stores, looks like a two syringes. Get some tooth pics and some post its. just put an equal bit of fluid from the epoxy syringes on the post it and fold them together slowly. About the size of a dime. Should be enough for a few flies. Don't try to stir it up or it will have lots of bubbles in it. you will see when it starts to harden a bit then take a bit with the tooth pic and put it on the fly. use your rotary function to allow the epoxy to run all around the head of the fly. The epoxy will harden quick so if you are going to do a few flies at once make sure you are ready for it. A drying wheel or something you can place the flies in and keep turning them over will make sure the epoxy sets even. Try one fly first to get used to how the epoxy runs and how long it takes before it starts to set. I usually just pt the toothpick in the gob of epoxy on the post it. Fold it over and toss it. epoxy can be messy, smelly stuff. If its not mixed right it wont harden. Usually in Hardware stores there is 5 minute and 30 minute epoxy. They bowth really need a good 24 hours to set solid. The 5 minute and 30 minute are a bit different. 30 minute does take longer to dry but its more like its thinner. It will give a smoother coat, the 5 minute will build up quicker.


If I can I will avoid epoxy, and have recently been using plasti dip. Its almost like epoxy, but doesn't set as hard. Its easier and not as messy. Its a little more expensive but will last a lot longer if stored properly. Read the instructions on the can to see how to use it. You can also use a tooth pic or something to add to the head of a fly in your vise. keep turning it for an even coat. It cures in 4 hours but in half an hour another coat can be added. I think a couple coats of plasti dip and a coat or two of sally hansen's is probably just as good as epoxy. Less mess and less fuss.


With all these shiner patterns, does anyone tie them in hot flourescent colours? or all white?

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