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Need to verify what 1X, 2X, 3X means

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Does that refer to the difference between the length of the shank and the gape? When I ordered Mustad 9672 size 2 and 4 hooks, there was no 1X, 2X , 3X info provided from the hook & hackle site I purchased from. I am pretty sure the hooks are 3X but would like to verify that. Thanks.

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The Mustad 9672 is a 3X long nymph hook.


Here is a very handy hook reference chart that you can download and print out for future reference. I keep a laminated copy of this chart on my tying table.




Nice chart! Thanks for the link!!!



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The various "X" designations denote the shank length and weight of hook wire in terms of the gap size. Each manufacturer has a more or less standard set of hook gaps. For any given hook gap size there is a "standard" lenght and wire weight. This is usually a hook model designed for dry flys and one standard hook for wet flys.

A size 12 Mustad model 94840 (dry flys) or 3906 (wet flys) hook will have the standard lenght shank.

A size 12 3906B will have the same size gap but the shank will be the same lenght of the next larger size hook (10), and be a1X long hook.

A size 12 9761 hook will have the shank length of a standard hook 2 sizes larger (8) and be a 2X long hook. The size 12 9672 will have the shank lenght of a standard hook 3 sizes larger (6) and be 3X long.

There are hooks with shorter shanks (egg hooks) these would be 2,3 or 4X short.


Wire weights are designated the same way, a 1X heavy wire would have a size 12 hook (any shank length) made with a wire usually used on the next size hook. A size 12 hook bent on a size 10 wire would be 1X heavy. Best example of this is the 94833. This is a hook made with wires that are usually used on hooks with gaps three sizes smaller (a size 12 94833 would be tied on wire used on a standard size 18 or 3X fine wire.


My favorite Mustad hook is this one: 7970FH 7970 TDE STD 5XHEAVY limerick bend in sizes 2 to 8. I only wish I could find some other hooks this heavy. These are heavy enough to keep a fly down without any lead wrapped on the hook.





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