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Fly Tying
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2 dozen flies for Ray and Marty

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Hey Y'all...


Been having a great summer fishin for Carp (OMG they are a blast!) and working hard at the restaurant and spending time with the littles and crankin out the orders as time permits...


Here is a completed order for Ray and Marty's trip to fish salmon in Canada next week....


LAst year some clients took some 30 pound fish on flies I Tied for them and these guys heard about it and said they needed a few to take with them this year....


I have so much respect for anyone tying Salmon flies period....let alone those who tie on smallish hooks...


These are on sizes 2 and 4 (Asst Partridge Models) (Ithinks I will stick to size 1/0 and up for future salmon fly orders)


I hope they like them and that you do as well..


I have been so impressed with all of the contributors as of late and wish you all the best..




For those of you in the area I will be tying @ the International Fly Tying Symposium in November over in Somerset NJ....


Hope to Put some faces to the names one day....















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Hey DT. Great flies as usual. Glad to see you post a few. Guess you finally worked that pile of Rhea,peacock and other goodies down enough to see the keys on your keyboard eh :D . Hope all is well. Take it easy. Kevin

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Gorgeous set of flies, David. I've admired your work & tying style since you started posting here.


Kudos on your recent magazine appearance.


Please keep posting these beauties.

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