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Fly Tying
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Dressing for Gary and Yellow white wing

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Hi all :D


Here's the dressing for the turbo tubes.




tube: XS transparent + M black FITS

tag: Gold Lagartun minibraid

tail: Seablue Flurofibre or SLF

rib: Large Gold Lagartun oval tinsel

body: rear 1/2 Mirage saltwater flash, front 1/2 Peacock + Black firestar dubbing

Body hackle: Black rooster ( I've used Whiting saddle)

Front hackle: Grizzly saddle dyed Teal blue

Wing: (from bottom to top):

BOTTOM WING: 2 strands Krinkle Flash Rootbeer + 2 Krystall mirrorflash Yellow, Yellow templedog, 4-5 strands Crayfish Orange Angelhair.

MIDDLE WING: Red templedog, sunburst templedog, 4-5 strands Red Ice Angelhair, 3 strands Peacock Krystall Mirror flash.

TOP WING: Red templedog, 2-3 strands Rainbow Angelhair.

FRONT WING: A small bunch of yellow tempeldog. 1/3 of the total length of the top wing. Tied in pointing forward then folded back over the top wing.

sides: JC

head: Gold turbo conehead.




tube: XS transparent + M Fluo Yellow FITS

tag: Gold minibraid

tail: White or Electric Yellow Fluro fibre

body: rear1/2 Saffron yellow flatbraid, 1/2 Mother of Pearl firestar dubbing

rib: Large gold Lagartun oval tinsel

wing: (bottom to top)

BOTTOM WING: 2 strands Pearl mirror flash + 2 Krystall mirrorflash Yellow. Yellow templedog, 3-4 strands Electric Yellow Anglehair

MIDDLE WING: Yellow temple dog, 3-4 strands holographic gold Angel hair, 3 strands Mother of Pearl Krinkle flash or Gliss n' Glow

TOP WING: White templedog ( as white as possible, almost transparent) mixed with long strands of Mother of Pearl Firestar or Flashabou dubbing.

sides: JC

head: Gold turbo conehead


I will try to remember to include the dressing for next time I´m posting. Don´t worry about all strange flash materials I list here, use what you have but do not deviate in color. Remember to taper the wings, tie them low and wide and don't over dress. The wing should be fat but transparent with strands of flash glistening inside.




//Tompa :D




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