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A couple of seatrout killers and a request for EXCHANGE FISHING

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Hi all :D


I wanted to show the missing pieces for late fall sea trout, at least in my boxes. I'd also like to raise an interest in excange fishing.


I aim this to UK anglers since I am afraid of flying, can't stand it, been to therapy, yadda yadda yadda..

I've always dreamed about fly fishing on the isles where the craddle rocks. I had a great opportunity when my sister was living in Kensington, Lnd but that was some years ago and at that time it was all about party, party wasn't it. So please read an consider..




I read an article a couple of years ago about Swedish and UK anglers engaging in exchange fishing. It seemed interesting as a way to fish places abroad with good results without minute to minute planning, expensive hotels/transports/guides etc.


It works like this. You will come to our place, stay in our home as our guest. Enjoying our cooking and perhaps a pint and single malt or two. I will show you my favourite waters, doing my best to guide you to good sports. And then VICE VERSA.


I can offer sports mainly on two locations in the northern parts of Sweden where I live.


First in the low lands in an unspoiled river that flows through very various and beautiful surroundings with grayling and brown trout. Sometimes the landscape is very rough with rocky outcrops and all of a sudden you’re in the book Wind in the Willows. The grayling is VERY prone to take a dry fly here, even in late fall. The average weight is just above the 1 lbs mark. But 2 lbs graylings are far from impossible. I hooked 3 graylings in five casts in July this year and they were all above 2 lbs. This reach is in the far upper parts in the river and not many people come here. I and my friends have been fishing here exclusively for some years now. The day ticket costs a little less than 3£. I have enclosed some pictures to this message to show just how lovely the river is.


The second location is a very small highland loch, not far from the Norwegian border, that boasts a good stock of mainly arctic char but also brown trout. The loch is frequently visited by ice fishermen in the winter. In summer time I have met with one fly fisher in 7 years. It is a bit off road and there are other lochs more close that suites the holiday fisherman. I can almost guarantee exclusive water, besides us of course. None of us have ever come here without catching at least a char or two. The loch is located at approx 3000 ft above sea level in the highlands between Norway and Sweden and just spending time there is Red Bull for your soul. The higher peaks at 4000 - 5000 ft surrounds you and your tent, snow from the last winter months is still making its contrast and the air is light to breathe. Along the path to the loch we’re visitors in the land of grey wolf, lynx, wolverine, brown bear, rein deer and moose. We will for sure encounter birdlife such as grouse, black grouse, capercaille and hazel hen. Day tickets are about 4-5£.


The most important thing is that you’ll always have a guide that will share his/hers honest opinion on the current game. Furthermore, it will probably not cost you more than a day ticket at your home waters.


Sorry about some bad English, BUT if this sounds interesting at all drop me a PM.










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