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Fly Tying

Somerset in January

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Booked the hotel and waiting for the 25th!! I need hackle, Fly line, And some materials to make may flies for the up coming season!!

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Posted by conehead on TFF





Joe (Cortalus) and I are going up on Saturday with a few other guys. Would all you forum members like to get together for a photo opportinity? I'll bring a camera. It would be nice to put faces to names.


If so, How about we all meet at the bookstore area at a certain time. After looking at the schedule, we could meet at the bookstore area at 9:30 am and not want to miss out a a good seminar. Seminars start at 10:00. Any other time of the day would cut into a seminar, but I'm game.


I'm easy to spot, I will be wearing my FTF t-shirt and my wife says I resemble Brad Pitt (if he were old, fat, short and bald).



AKA George


If you need my cell, just PM me


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I saw no FTF TEES on anyone who said they were going to wear them....OH wait I know why I didn't see any because it was 28 degrees all weekend!! Good show~!

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