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TFF:how to fight a big fish!

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never seen this asked and figured it be great for beginners. I remember when I got my 1st big fish on a fly rod. thank god it was a channel cat with a thick lip and I was using a barbed hook! I had no clue what to do. let it run? pull it in? take it to the reel? if the lip wasn't so tough I prolly would of lost it in a second. matter of fact I still don't know exactly. I have lost a couple big ones and wonder how is the best way to fight them? now that I watch more videos and caught a few big fish I think I understand a lil bit more. like when I hooked up with something huge on a black bugger and lost it cause I let it run when I wasn't suppose to. the rod wasn't even bent hardly. so after watching these vids I see that the rod is pretty bent in most vids. correct me if I am wrong. I believe I see now that you can use the rod as a judgement as to when to let the fish run? basically the harder the bend in the rod, its time to let the fish run, less bend reel or pull the fish in? also if the fish jumps drop the rod tip? please someone with experience run us beginners through a huge catch and how to get the monster in!


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