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Fly Tying
coulee fishing

what hooks do you use?

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Depends uponwhat I'm tying...


The last dozen were on Eagle Claw 413 #4's ... cool bunch of flies... varitions of Dave Seller's rear weighted jig streamers... in pink!!! They turned out real nice!


Tomorrow and Saturday, I'll burn thru a bunch of Mustad 41011's #4's, as well as a number of 34007's #2 & 4's - Woven "Green Thangs"" - i.e. Crawfish and Shrimp, and a number of Rebar Spoons.


Earlier today I spoke with Big Dale, and he's getting ready to order another 1000 Mustad 3366 #10's for his LSU and John Deer foam spiders along with several hundred 124 oz micro jigs for Cap Spiders. Big Dale is still working on supplying friends in Texas with the Allis Chambers Series of Cap Spiders... after all the big bream and chickapins will be bedding in the next couple of weeks! Thosse are 1-2 lb. chinkapins (i.e. redreders) so get out the 3 and 4 wt.s!


After your first few thousand flies, you'll get the idea that it's nice to have a few Gallic Supremes for those truely "fancy" flies, but for most of your fishing patterns, use what works best for you... so don't worry about what the "experts" told ya'... in the end ya' tie for you!


my 2 cents...



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The nearest flyshop is a three hour drive and they have a very limited selection, so I order online or thru catalogs. I mostly order by hook style or profile and don't pay attention to price or name brand. It would be nice to hold two different brand hooks in the same style and compare.By the way if you have hooks you don't like send them to me ,I never have enough hooks. I'l tie something on them.

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I switched to Togen last season, about $7.00 per hundred and wonderful hooks. They don't yet have the full range of sizes and shapes that other vendors have - but for the price they are hard to beat.


Been having a hell of a time getting Tiemco's and the like from fly shops, it's like they don't stock as much as before - what with the "50 pack" replacing the "100 pack" as the standard.


Not having a fly shop nearby means when I hit one - I want 200-300 hooks at a crack. It's rare when that many of a single size are available (at the shops near me).

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