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Fly Tying

Terrestrial Swap

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It's been a while since I have seen a Terrestrial Swap.

So with all the new faces around here I think it's time to make it happen again.

I'll go up to 20 tyers if we have enough intrest.


1. Pickin6ofem (SM)-----#12 Foam Hopper--------------------------------DONE!!

2. riffleriversteelheadslayer---#14 foam & deer hair Cricket------In Mail---Received---got 'em

3. Fred H----------#12 Black Widow----Addy Sent------In Mail-------------Received---got 'em

4. Pelhament------TBD-------addy sent-------In Mail--------------------Received-------got 'em

5. Djmyers--------Inch Worm--------------------------------------------Received--------got 'em

6. Flygirl----------#14 Flying Ant---in mail------------------------------Received------got 'em

7. SullyTM----in by P.M.---#16 Beacon Ant---------addy sent--in Mail-Received----got 'em

8. N Parish---------Yellow Jacket----------In Mail-----------------------Received------got 'em

9. Chase Creek--------Red Butt Epoxy Ant---in mail------------------Received------got 'em

10. Breambuster-------Crystal Butt Hopper----in mail-----------------Received-----got 'em

11. RDL-----------------TBD---Sent P.M. on 3/17--in mail 3/18--------Received-----got 'em

12. Floyd--------------Daves Hopper-------In Mail----------Sent a hopper & Dropper---Received----got 'em

13. Shenandoahangler---------Black Deerhair Beetle---sent p.m. on 3/17-------------Received

14. Student4ever-----Peacock Beetle---In mail------------------------Received

15. Terry Lee-----in by P.M.---Spider---in mail as of 3/17------------Received---got 'em

16. Nealbo----hoov cicada-----------------------------------------------Received---got 'em

17. Pat Carroll------Humpy-------------------------------------------------------------Received---got 'em

18. Chris Fish------#14 Lightning Bug-------In Mail-----------------------------------Received----got 'em

19. Fontinails-------Black Foam Beetle------------------------------------------------Received

20. Grunt---------Ladybug--------------------------------------------------------------Received

21. Mr, McGinty-------TBD---addy sent-----------------------------------------------Received----got 'em



CLOSED @ 21 Tyers

Due March 20th

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<_< O.K....I'm getting out of control here...I can't resist this one even though I'm in the middle of four other swaps......geez, count me in with a # 14 Flying Ant. Never tied one before but....... :dunno:

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Very cool, good to have you guy's and gal in another swap!!


Yea Flygirl I know watcha mean, I am also in about four swaps right now. But there is plenty of time on them so I'll be fine

Unless someone keep posting good swaps.

Thanks for joining all!!!



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I'm in too. I'd like to tie a Yellow Jacket if that's ok. I think of it as a terrestrial anyways... Look forward to seeing the goods.


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I should know better than this, but I can't help myself! :wallbash: I'm in. Pattern TBD, but it probably WON'T be a Predator.




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