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Fly Tying

JStockard Is Taunting Me

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So, I just put together a wish list at JStockard for material for me and a friend. So i was using the email option on JStockards website to email the wish list to my friend and there is a spot on that page that says "Got more than one friend?"


WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? Of COURSE I have MORE than "one" friend.....right Day5, i can count you as #2, right? buddy? Pal? Old chum? My homie? He's not heavy, he's my brother!



So, do i get offended at the implication that I might only have 1 friend, or do I just order anyway......hmmmm.....let's see if he gives me any incentive (other than good prices and exceptional service that I've heard about.)






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Now that you mention it, that vest looks a little on the baggy side . . . . .

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there must be some kind of synchronicity going on. i just sent a J. Stockard wishlist to my sister since i have a birthday coming up. back during Christmas time she was bugging me for gift ideas so i sent her some links from Stockard of things i might like. well she wound up ordering a few things from them. well they arrived at her house and she was just flabergasted at how quickly they got there. she couldnt believe it, and thought that was so cool.


so anyway now she is bugging me for birthday gift ideas. i make out a wishlist on their sight and send it off to her. she replies with the following quote.



I was hoping you would send me something from J Stockard since their

shipping is so fast. In fact I ordered something this morning and it

came yesterday. I was wondering what that box was!"


she does have a certain way about her, thats for sure. had me chuckling.

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