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Brood XIV Cicadas

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As if you don't have enought tying to do already.......these periodical cicadas are due to appear this year in the Midwest.....they may not quite reach me, but southern Ohio should see them!


Here is a distribution map:




Here is a page with photos of someof Brood XIV that hatched a year early:




From past experience, when a Brood of this size hatches, all species of fish lock in on them, I've seen catfish/carp come to the surface after them! They tend to be smaller in size than the annual cicadas that appear every year.


In the past, I have tied up some in the "Madam X" style and spun deer hair......I just got my cast off yesterday and will hopefully get back to tying in the next couple of weeks......anyone have any good patterns they would like to share?





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