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Fly Tying
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Frank G. Swarner III

Feather Wing Spey step by step

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Hook: Daiichi Alec Jackson size 1

Thread: 6/0 UNI

Tag: Flat Mylar - Medium - Silver

Rear Body: Uni-stretch - Light Olive

Front Body: Angora Goat - Dark Olive

Rib: Oval Tinsel - Medium - Gold

Cross Rib: Mono - 4lb

Hackle: Blue Eared Pheasant

Throat: Teal - dyed purple

Wing: Whiting laced feathers - dyed Olive


1. Attach thread to hook just behind return wire from loop eye.


2. Attach Mylar at same spot....wrap mylar rearwards with edge to edge wraps....stop at the spot on the hook shank above the midpoint of the hook point and barb. Wrap mylar forward and stop at initial tie in spot.


3. Determine midpoint of body and wrap thread on top of mylar...stop at midpoint.


4. Attach Uni-stretch and wrap rearwards over mylar body....stop at the point on the hook shank above the hook point and wrap uni-stretch forward.....tie off at midpoint and trim excess.


5. Attach blue eared pheasant feather by the tip to the underside of hook shank. (I messed this step up and the photos show the ribbing on first.....the feather should be tied on first....oops)


6. Attach oval ribbing and mono cross ribbing at the same time at the midpoint. They should be attached to the underside of the hook shank with the oval being on the far side and the mono on the near side.


7. Make a dubbing loop with the thread, apply wax, insert sparse clumps of angora goat and spin dubbing loop.


8. Wrap dubbing loop forward and tie off at the front of the hook....be sure to leave enough room for the throat, wings, and head.


9. Wrap the oval tinsel forward and make four turns/ribs....tie off at front.


10. Wrap the BEP feather so it is right next to the backside of the ribbing....tie off at front and trim excess tinsel and stem.


11. Put a half hitch or two onto the hook shank and rest the thread in the bobbin cradle if you have a rotary vise. Rib the mono in the reverse direction and use a bodkin to clear the feather fibers from being trapped.

Tie off the mono at the front and trim off excess.


12. Tie in the teal feather by the tip and wrap it to form the throat. I stripped off the left side of the feather for a sparser look.


13. Select 4 feathers.....2 from left side and 2 from right side. Measure their length and begin to strip away excess barbules.


14. Once the excess barbules are stripped off use flat jawed pliers to flatten the stems. I do each set seperate rather than all four at once. Near side wings: while in the pliers a twist/rotate the stems away from me slightly. Do the opposite for the far side set of wings.


15. Mount the far side wings first. The stems should be slightly on the side and top of the hook shank. Do the near side next. The wings should be slightly tented ove the body rather than being flat back to back. If you want them flat back to back, crush the stems with flat jawed pliers but do not twist or rotate them, and mount them on top of the hook shank rather than on the sides.


16. Fold back the near side stems and make one turn over them, then fold back the far side stems and make a turn or two on top of them. Keep the thread tight and trim off the excess stems. The wings will have a tough time coming out now!!


17. Apply some head cement, let dry, and go fish.















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