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Canon 5D

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theres a couple ways you can approach which to get.


Back to the 24-105, 24-70 dilema for a minute.

Again, both are surperb lenses. The "strengths" from each that I debated we're the f2.8 vs an extra 35mm and IS and to a lessor degree the weight. If Id only wanted a WA zoom to bring with me when hiking forest, fishing streams Id have opted for the 24-105. But I also wanted a lens capable of stopping motion in low light and to have the option of opening wide for portrait type shots of both people and fish.


I dont think you can find the 5D packaged in a kit with the 24-70. If it the 24-70 you want you will need to get both separately. I do think again based on personal preference and taste that you'd appreciate the 24-70 f2.8 for wedding shoots but.....................


With the money you save by buying the 5D/24-105 kit you could probably pickup a 85mm f.18. Which was why I listed prices. The kits typically save you a couple hundred.


So if you opt to buy the the packaged kit and the 85mm f1.8 you'd have a fast glass second only to the 2G 85 1.2L portrait lens to g along with the 24-105.


Slap the 24-105 on for group shots and candids but when it comes time for portraits and te "fuzzies" you can switch to the 85mm f1.8.


"I" personally would still favor the 24-70 and 85 f1.8 ( well duh that what I have) ;) but a



24-105 f4 L

85 f1.8


Would be a sweeet startup wedding/portrait/dabble in lanscape set-up. Id hold off on the 85 f1.2 L until youd banked a fair bit of money. Its a super sweet lens but 5X the price of the more than capable 85 f1.8


Another reason I love fast glass. indoor, lowlight action where flash isnt allowed.


I cant get fast enough SS to stop action at anything less than f2.0 typically. A few places have enough light where f2.8 might be possible but they are few and far between.


ISO 1600



IPB Image


again ISO 1600 and f1.8

IPB Image

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