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Garry Tube

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:D Hi all


Here's a Garry on tube for seatrout. I will take this to river Ljungan this spring. Very very soon :D :D

OK very modern if you look into the original Wright pattern but I still think it has the general features of a Garry Dog.


tag: silver wire

tail: Seablue flurofibre

rib: Mirage saltwaterflash

body: rear1/2 Rainbow Lagartun Flatbraid, front 1/2 Black Lite Brite

bodyhackle: black Whiting dryfly

wing: Pearl Krinkle flash, red mirror flash, yellow fox, Red ice angelhair, red templedog, Rainbow angelhair

fronthackle: Grizzly saddle dyed Teal Blue

frontwing: Yellow fox body hair, 1/3 the length of the main wing

sides: JC

head: Gold or fluo yellow tungsten conehead

tube: XS+M FITS


A good fly for peaty water. Also main food for seatrout in early spring.

:D :D




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You are a great fly tier my friend,Very nice fly I like your style Thomas :bugeyes:

Last season was no good here in my home water Mjällån and Ljustorpsån, too little water in the spring :angry:

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