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Fly Tying
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Dyed some material and tied me some flies

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:D Hi all


Yesterday was spent dying hair and feathers since my "flytyingclass" has left som pretty big holes in my stock. Of course I had to test them and they all worked fine. I´m especially happy with the material for the Pahtakorva. This one is probably the best Pahtakorva I´ve ever tied :thumbsup: Have to post a single pic on that one.


When I say "flytyingclass" I´m talking about my two disciples. They are in their mid 20s and last year they wanted to learn how to flyfish for salmon, and also to tie salmonflies. Since I´m old :wheelchair: I took upon me to teach them as best as I can. So now we have tying classes and casting clinics together.

Also we make trips to river Ljungan and Norwegian salmon rivers to practise what we learn. It´s actually quite fun. They learn very quick and they are eager. Since I´m ex military the teaching is based on learning by doing and drill, it seems to work. :lol:


Anyways, here are some flies tied with the new materials. From top left then clockwise. Green&Grey, Pahtakorva, Greenlander, Nightdiver.


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