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Bugly Worm

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Wayneb - The Flexi Floss strands are roughly 8" in length. I tye them in so that roughly 1" hangs out over the end of the hook, therefore they are roughly 7" before starting to twist the two strands together. The finished tails can be what ever length that you want (up to half the starting length). You can control the length of the tail by changing where you fold the tail in half after the twisting process. Once you have the length your looking for, just tye it off behind the bead head.


I measured a couple that I tyed up and found that the finished flies (end to end) ranged from 2" to 3" long. If you twist the tails before they are tyed onto the hook, you could probably get more consistent lengths. The longer the tail, the more movement it will have, but it may result in more missed strikes from fish.


I hope this helps. ;)


Thanks for the kind words guys. :)


I agree, Mark (Soft-Hackle), I think these may work on trout also. I may even test them out on some spring steelhead if I find time soon.

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Hi Ray;




I've tied numerous furled chenille worm flies but never tried a rubber type product.


I'm going to duplicate your fly and go from there, great looking fly!





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