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Hey Joe,


Whatever you do, don't give up. I first started tying about 10 years ago and for the first year or two I struggled. One thing I never did was take a razor blade to my fly's, I keep the bad ones to examine and learn from and compare with more recent tyes. My first fly’s were little olive scuds, which looked more like a boogers, so next I tried Buggers. Chenille and hackle, finally something that resembled fish food, well, sort of. Back then I spent considerable time fishing Sierra waters and realized that these fish preferred my buddies more realistic fly’s. Since then I have tried to make my fly’s more attractive to fish and I believe realism coupled with buggyness is key to success. Back in 1999 I started making a web site for my small home based business and subsequently very seldom tyed until Nick Pujic introduced me to this Fly Tying Forum. Thanks Buddy! My desire to spent time at my vise has been re-kindled, I have some new friends, with similar passions I’m grateful and it feel good. It’s been a long time since I used to lie in bed at night thinking about how to create and/or improve a fly and I’m really glad it’s back. Never give up, just keep practicing, you can do it, you’ll see.


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