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Fly Tying

Damsel Nymph?

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You never sease to amaze me Graham, the flies you tie are so creative and inventive. The idea of the fly on top of the insect is pretty neat, maybe more people might post some insect pictures to try and imiatate. Realism tying is just as hard As full dressd Salmon patterns for some people.

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Thanks Daryn,


I kind of go for semi-realism...sort a close enough replica of the insect I want to fish with, while keeping the fly as fishable as possible. I think some fly's can become so realistic looking that they become rigid and don’t move much underwater, basically look real but not alive, to the fish. These are great for putting under glass, I want mine under water. Before fishing for trout my target for years was LM Bass and I do know that they won’t take a dead shad, they want the fastest liveliest ones. Chum the weak ones and pin on the streakers. Back to the Damsel fly, I thought about making an extended body, would look cool, works great on dries, but I have found that it makes sub-surface patterns spin, not what the fish are used to seeing, and the hook at the rear acts like a keel or rudder. The legs have lots of movement. I soaked the fly underwater last night and I am really happy the model train landscape material flexamented onto the back is holding fast. That stuff is what makes the fly look so realistic, perhaps I’ve come up with something new? I’m going to try this stuff on my cased caddis patterns, should look amazing.



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