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Fly Tying
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Articulated Whittingham's Minnow

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#10 Mustad 3551 Treble

6/0 White thread

Olive Saddle Hackle

Pearl Krystal Flash




#8 Mustad 9672 Streamer

6/0 White thread

Olive Bucktail

Bead Chain Eyes

Pearl Diamond Braid



Step 1: Fix treble hook in your vice and run on a thick layer of thread.





Step 2: Catch in a saddle hackle and palmer it up the shank of the hook. After trimming the tag end, stroke the fibres back and tie them down.




Step 3: Add some flash to both sides of the hook and whip finish.




Step 4: Fix a streamer hook in your vice and run on thread about 2-3 eye widths back.




Steps 5 & 6: Tie in a bunch of bucktail (about twice as long as the hook shank) so it extends out over the eye. Tie in a beadchain dumbell for the eyes and run the thread back to the bend of the hook.




Steps 7 & 8: Using whatever line you prefer cut a small piece and fold it double. Thread the previously tied tail onto the line and tie it onto the streamer hook creating a small open loop the tail moves freely on. Tie in a piece of diamond braid, secure eveything well and leave the thread at a point opposite the barb.




Step 9: Wrap the diamond braid onto the hook shank in touching turns. Wrap it forward to the eye then back and tie it off opposite the barb.




Step 10: Pull the bucktail tightly back so it lays along the back of the fly, tie it down at the same point as the braid & whip finish.



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